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Oct 12th, 2009 1:11 pm]
wowee not posted here in a while, what have i been up to? well this weekend my grandma came down to celebrate her bday, 88 but still going strong she brought her bf with her and plastered herself with makeup, chic jewlery and stilettos, i hope i'm like that at her age!
i'm getting stupidly excited bout xmas i know it's months away but i blame waitrose and their charming display of chocolate reindeer etc.kirstin and i are going to spend a day in london this xmas visiting the xmas lights on oxford street and going in all the little shops cant wait!.
dunno wot to do 4 halloween though, any suggestions? dale and i may be going to a party run by goth church asylum just c what happens i guess.
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Feb 3rd, 2009 2:20 pm]
so for nearly two whole days now we have been snowed under, while most of london has been dug out it seems that people have forgotten about dear old new malden, the streets are still being dug out and public transport is virtualy non existent so i will probably be unable to get home to my flat tonite which sucks. i was only in new malden sunday night for a docs apointment at the priory that was insanely early on monday morning but cancelled due to snow.
the garden does look pretty and neighbours spent four hours aparently on a lovely snow sphinx, but after a very precarious downhill journey to the shop which was like walking on ice or even dancing on ice in my case due to wobbling i am sick of the sight of snow. i want to go homeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!
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Dec 17th, 2008 12:36 pm]
it's been a loooonnnng time since i posted. me ad kirstin hve got into the xmas sprit and replaced all the halloween decoratons with xmas ones we hve stockings, advent calenders, lots of purple, silver and turquoise tinsel (we wanted cold colours kinda windter wonderland). we have sparkly silver baubles... and no tress up untill a couple hours ago wen kirstin ordered one! very exciting.
on a down note i can't beieve woolies has gone i fitted into theyre kiddy skirts and cardies and and they had a great card selection but mostly wot will we do without pick n mix! me and kirstin went and got a load, i'm rather ashamed to adsmit that we rinsed other peoples who put them down for a minute in our epic quest for cookies n cream chocolate.
so tired since term finished, been going to much have 5 doctors apointments, sort out a photo shoot and squeeze in gym workouts.
meeting up with dale tonite to have celebration of finishing term (i finished last week and we went clubbing after but that doesn't count),
currently lamenting over the lack of good clubs, me, sofi and valeria went to proud and i have to say the ebony bones were amazing (and aparently grace jones was there wtf!) it's lucky i saw an old friend of a friend who got us in past the hour long que for free, cos if i'd paid a tenner for it i would not be happy. maybe we re all miserable sobds but theres seems nothing in the capital except stay beautiful or slimelight! we wanna get the hell out of the country for a bit so next summer me, dale, possibly leon and hopefuly a third are gonna get sum rustly old banger and tour the states, kinda start in new york and end up in las vegas! went to see zacs band monday night they rocked but it was so cold and i was so tired i prob seemed like such a grumpy bitch lol.
anyway xmas yey me and my mum are gonna make a gingerbread house again, only unlike last year, we have a lil gingerbread house making kit so it's a bit of a cheat lol but my mums rushed off her feet!) last year we joinded everything with white chocolate, that doubled as snow and and icicles. we made roof slates out of dark chocolate wafer thin minta with sum icing sugar swept across like snow. the chimney was a half a dipped flke and and the log walls were made out of those choc ice cream cylinder wafers. finally marked out door and windows with smarties and put a mini lollypop on either side like a tree! lol honestly rabbiting on like delia smith.
for new year i'll be working in torture garden, i think i'm manning the couples room lol. tenner an hour free entry and 2 guest list places which is really good seeing as it's an obscene amount to get in, u can also bring your own drinks in!
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Sep 24th, 2008 5:01 pm]
haven't posted here in ages although loads of good things are happening, still feeling really down, i can't quite put my figure on it, but sumtimes it feels like no matter how hard you try your goals move further and further away. i was supposed to go to a really good lecture (we're working with jewish elders in a daycare centre and were supposed to meet them). but i randomly fainted i don't qite no why and had to miss it, i hate disapointing people cos the lecturuer seems really cool, but i seem to be doing that a lot lately. i feel bad i just came on here 4 a quick moan but thats life sorry!
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Sep 3rd, 2008 10:57 am]
i've not posted in forever hey everyone, been very busy. had a couple of really good shoots my last one was a dolly one which incluxded me as a china doll, falling out of a suitcase in a velvet babydoll dress, a barbie in a huge, white frothy dress and tiara and an evil doll in a pvc dress with a knife and at one point a jack daniels bottle! kirstin did my hair and makeup which looked really cool i wish i was as good! did a lolita inspired one in a white bikini and red heart shaped sunglasses and a miss havisham one in a big wedding dress and a headress of dead roses and candles. also did a weird one whch is going to be a mixture of my limbs and barbies limbs e.g. my torso but barbie limbs and head.
went to crotia with my family it was fun and had a pool so i could go swimming every day, the beaches weren't very nice but the little towns were sweet and the cathedrals were beautiful!
kirstin recently bought the most beautiful white kitten in the world she's called ophelia and is a beauty, i love her!
should be a good weekend i hope it stays dry 4 sb picnic!
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Jul 16th, 2008 2:51 pm]
just turned down offer to do 4 months all expenses paid modeling in southern california! i have my stupid degree that i hate to do, though sometimes i wonder what it would be like to throw caution to the wind and be like fuck it! live the dream and all that.
except i's miss london and my lovely flat and my lovely flatmate and all my friends so much maybe it wouldn't be a dream, i've put roots down and i'm very happy where i am so save big plans 4 the future!
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Jul 11th, 2008 2:18 pm]
in other news kirstin showed me the most beautiful french film Angel-a, it's so gorgeous i can't stop thinking about it!
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Jul 10th, 2008 1:41 pm]
wow been a while, heres a quick update. finally finished uni and i'm on my summer break me and kirstin moved into our new flat in archway! its nowt fancy but its very spacious andf i have lots of shelving to store all my ornaments and most of all it's not in stratford! theres a little petshop just down the road where we go to gaze at the kittens and hamsters and baby rats, kirstin will be getting a kitten soon so it's all very exciting.
went to gay pride on sat met up with harry and jenson who i hadnt seen in decades, it was a faerytale theme so i went as alice and kirstin went as the queen of hearts. sb after was good crispin grays new band dogbones played, they were really good there were other former members of daisy chainsaw in it, the women was hot not as hot as katie jane, but hot in a different way. only problem was they had two drummers facing each other just like slipknot.
gutted to miss glasto me and dale mooched to slimelight instead, it was fun but hardly the same. there was sum old electro band called drugs for sheep playing who i couldn't decide if i loved of hated. slimes was its usual goth self and we just got really fucked.
we'd tried out a new goth club the week before called reptile. it had really good music and a good atmosphere but there werent many people there. i doubt it can compete with slimes and will probably fold but we liked it.
did a couple of interesting photoshoots the other week, one where i was wearing a long white silk ballgown on a swing (which i fell off), it was on a beautiful park but just as we started shooting under a lovely old arch, sercurity threw us out even though its public property. i had nowhere to change and had to walk home in said dress.
then i had a shoot where the main theme was barbie limbs, this was good for me as i'm double jointed. the pictures will be scary though as some of the barbies might just have my torso or one of my legs! then we did sum lolits white bikini and red hear shaped sunglasses shots, hippy with a hook pips and finallly miss havisham themed pics where i got to where a big old wedding dress and a headress made out of a metal candleabra and dead flowers, very cool but bloody heavy.
i have to go to the post office now as i lost mine in the move!
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May 26th, 2008 11:38 am]
when theres so many sides to someone do you choose? or is it them that does the choosing? does loving someone so much your willing to hurt someone if u dont know them make you a bitch? how do you know when someones controlling you?, one minute theyre emailing u saying they want you and miss you and need to see you then u go on their net profile and theres some huge pic of them kissing their girlfriend, is that guilt on their part?
whats that saying do unto others as you'd want done to yourself? no thats right but its something like that. how do you learn to let something go?
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May 23rd, 2008 12:38 pm]
things are sooo crazy atm just finished my drama practical and am doing a 3000 word essay on it, extras work 4 holby city and bloody flatsearching after being evicted due to grahem not paying his rent. me and kirstin are looking a decent 2 bedroom flat.
the last few weekends though have been good, this weekend me and kirstin went to rockabaret it was an under the sea theme so i went as ursula in a floaty black dress and kirstin gave me crazy makeup. the club itself was rather dull but we still had fun and they did play republica - ready to go which made me very happy!, in a strange fit of kleptomania i stole a little candle and the silver tray i got my change on at the bar, we need things 4 our new flat!
a couple of weeks ago we went 4 a picnic 4 errins birthday which was lovely, it was during the nice weather period. and there was joy and sweets and booze and games of who could kiss the other ones nose first and throwing grapes and catching them in your mouth! love picnics so much. then i went and met dale and leon to go to slimelight, it was empty cos all the goths had gone to sum germen festival but we had a really good night people watching, cage dancing and the trying to clib into an old war plane that was covered in horrid sticky stuff! went back to dales he lives in primrose hill now it's such a beautiful neighbourhood i could walk barefoot without running the risk of stepping on a needle, aparently gavin rossdale and gwen stefani live there. i think wemade the place look a bit untidy walking back at 6 am, armed with cigs and beer dishevelled and me pushing dale in a shopping trolley for some of it, went and sat in primrose hill with a bottle of gin and tonic in an evian bottle and lay in the grass and made the place look untidy there too. i was introduced to his and denas kitten (shes in oz atm)its called priscilla after priscilla queen of the desert and is so sweet even if it did try to scratch my tights and bit me shoe. went back to new malden for my dads birthday and mycousin visiting but everyone was ill with a mystery bug!
me and kirstin want a cat but it might eat bonnie and clyde (the goldfish).
last sb was fun me and kirstin both fell over her on the ladder and me collapsing across stage laughing. oh well i have little shame left in that club. grahem pinched random people asses and blamed it on me, acceidently thought two girls were drag queens and pulled nics skirtdown onstage. he makes me laugh so much there are sometimes when he goes too far! went to a party at lils got with a beautiful boy who doesn't return messages "when they get what they want they never want it again"
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May 8th, 2008 2:17 pm]
men are cunts they really are!
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Mar 28th, 2008 9:43 pm]
yesterday i collapsed 3 times at home then i was ok but my pyshciatrist hit the rook and sent me to casualty wot a fun way to spend an afternoon, mf and i shared a can of diet coke and a dark choclate kit kat and mf talked brazenly on her mobile phone before i reminded her about important machines that might be going crazy. we were seen quite quickly and i was told what i already bloody well knew that i was fine! had an awful migraine on sunday (my birthday and easter sunday) the worst pain ive ever felt in my life completely not exagerating it hurt more than my tattoo and i threw up everywhere. ahem anyway this could be due to the consuming of illegal substances, no sleep, not taking medication and battling my way through the swirling snow with peri and ryan down brixton high street. it was horizontal snow, it attacked us! headache had settled down by the afternoon and i opened my nice prsents got a few lovely surprises my dad had bought me a picture from alice in wonderland book nearly a year old, my mum got me a pumpkins cd, and anna my sister got me me a plastic barbie filled with bubblebath and sum barbie perfume which i sprayed the dog with cos she smelt and was accused of being cruel! she gve me the best card ever a big pink cinderella card with a badge saying 2 today and she drew on an extra 2 so it sent 22 today! then me and my mummy sat and wtched the mumy and i ate a big chocolate bunny (even though brings on migraines).
friends got me lovely presents too danielle got me flower shaped floating candles and fke rose petals, kirstin (whose birthday it is today, happy birthday i love you!) a big china unicorn with a china faery aww. dean and lil left mine and kirstins joint present at home but it's aparently the board game buckaroo! they werent going to tell us what it was and just said it was a game but after an hour of "is it hungry, hungry hippos, is it twister, is it kerplunk etc" they gave in. was fun having my bday at lils wen it turned midnight harry and jensen put on madonna - like a prayer cos i hate happy birthday with a passion!
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Mar 20th, 2008 8:51 pm]
hello livejournal i haven't died, things have just beenbusy!
my play blithe spirit went very well i very much enjoyed playing elvira and working with such a wonderful caste! dale, gaz and erin came to see it on the last night which was lovely, though i was very nervous cos i really waned them to enjoy it. the shows went pretty smoothly apart from the second night that is, theres a part in the play where i have to throw an ice bucket on the floor but backstage accidently took it off, seonds before i went back onstage my director grabbed my arm and muttered "theres no ice bucket throw a glass". as id never thrown one b4 i didn't know how delicate they were and threw one really hard which shattered into a million tiny pieces and some went in the audience! also the ham sandwich that was supposed to go over me hit me in the arm which as i'm a ghost should technically have gone through me. i got to wear a great ghost costume my floor length white satin 50's ballgown with a genuine 1930's beaded satin dressing gown then a white face, junkie eyes and blue lips. i acceidently got blood on the dressing gown in rehersals when i had a nose bleed but mercifully it came off!
in other news i went to see the smashing pumpkins with kirstin and ben (well billy corgan performing pumpkins songs, no darcy alas) it was amazing they played today, mayonaise, ava adore, bullet with butterly wings, stand in side your love all the classics basically and me and kirstin cried during tonite cos it was so beautiful. been nice to hear zero or cherub rock but you can't have everything. me and kirstin then met up with grhaem to go and see orrins band at a squat party called behind bars. my drama teacher happened to be doing a performance there which consisted of him standing in his underpants with long strands of beads attatched to piercings in his forehead which he then pulled out. he then put on a roman helmut and blew a jar of sand over the crowd this was very funny. it was less funny when he walked past me while i was queing up to buy drugs from a tent (which was so cute it had all the drugs in little sweet jars).
AMY CUNT TWAT WHORE HAS MOVED OUT! and kirstin has moved in yey, amy claims to have been driven out which is bollocks as we tried to get on with her shes the one who flounced round with a face like a bulldog chewing a wasp. and shes so sneaky she arranged another place to live and then iniated an arguerment so she could walk out. after promising to pay marchs rent, she sneaked behind our backs to colin our landlord claiming we should pay her marchs rent as kirstin says "she'll get tht when she gets her pension". colin came round today to inspect the house which was sooo messy, we put a poster over the wine stain on the wall but the first thing he did was pull it off ooppsss!
my birthday on sunday 22 very scary, went birthday shopping with the mothership last week and bought a silky nighty from la senza and sum very nice drain pipe jeans (size 4 eekk) also getting some tinkerbell knickers and a tinkerbell belt or you could say a tinkerbelt, and my ant has sent some stuff from lush which means lots of lovely scented baths. our party (mine and kirstins joint birthday one) is on friday 4th april, night before stay beautiful it's late cos we want grahem, erin and gaz to be there and it wouldn't be the same without them.
met up with christina for lunch and she gave me sum of her beautiful old vintage dresses incuding an off the shoulder black and white polka dot one that i might wear to lil and danielles housewarming party on sat.
not much else to say i'm talking runway modelling classes to teach me about posture and well walking like a model. done quite a few cool shoots including a dario argento inspirered one where i posed as the girl who dies first in tenebrae and lay there in red lace knickers, red high heels and a big mans white shirt with fake blood down my cleavage and coming out of my mouth.
better go now my party is friday april 4th from about 8ish till dawn i should imagine. its 39 hughan road stratford and if you can read this then your most likely invited. easter this weekend hurray easter eggs and chocolate bunnies.
mwas i love u all xxx
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Jan 5th, 2008 11:24 am]
how was everybodys xmas? good i hope, mine was nice, quiet but nice. i got some lovely chanel makeup from my parents, lingerie from my sister, a glass angel in a heart shaped box from my grandma, pink socks with hedehogd on and a white choclate malteasers! very nice spent most of the day watching xmas telly, shrek, finding nemo and harry potter with a big box of quality street and reading alice in wonderland for the milionth time.
went up to newcastle to visit grahem for nye it was lovely to see him, mathew and lauren again and meet his other friends. went to realy nice club with a big balcony afterwards roamed the streets looking for a party because we accidently ended up at a derilict flat and coldn't find a taxi for ages. next night me, grahem and mathew stayed up and got very drunk and prank called people, very immature. grahem took me shopping i found a shop called just pink where everything was 2 pounds i was in heaven and bought a bag, belly bar and very tacky plastic heart shaped earrings! also bought a lovely tiara from clairs and managed to fit into a size 4 skirt in tk max! didnt buy it but i did buy a white silk kinderwhore style shirt with rhineston buttons very courtney love! we went for a coffee after where the serving woman was very rude and tapped her fingers while i spent 10 seconds looking for a pound coin. s yes newcastle apart from being freezing cold (a sost souhern skin has grown over my yough northern scales and i can no longer handle such weather.
got my pictures from the photoshoot back they're onmyspace but not the artistic nude ones of course! even though you cant seeanything!
anyway off to essay yuck love you all xx
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Dec 28th, 2007 12:32 pm]
well my discman is broken and some tosser stole my ipod at the gym so it's back to basics with my walkmen, very old skool i best make myself some good mixtapes
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Dec 23rd, 2007 7:48 pm]
hello wow can't believe i havent updated in ages it seems! had so much work to do at the end of term including turning a play into a silent film! term has ended but i have far too many essays to complete. well xmas is here at last i spent today helping my mum decorate a gingerbread house, with white choclate (for snow), choclate mints, smarties and other delights. our tree is rather random we have multicoloured lights and white lights this year to avoid arguements. a group of us celebrated richeys 40th birthday wherever he may be on friday. cue lots of manics songs, spilled wine and other fmf like behaviour. things went a bit awry at one point but all turned out ok, christina and sam came as surprises was so lovely to see them. erin gave me a beutiful pink butterfuly shaped necklace.
i had a photoshoot this weekend it was situated in a dilapadated church convereted into an arts studio. i did my usiual babydoll and burlesque style shoots. also dressed up as a ballerina as there were loads of costumes there. i managed to fit into a stingray (the old programme with puppets) costume for an 8 year old boy, the trousers became shorts and the shirt a midriff top all very fun. i wore this weird futeristic silver space suit at one point but it didnt look right :( did my first nude shoot no not sleazy glamour shots! first of all it was all these vulnerable shots hiding behind white net material and the others were body/bone structure style pics where i was hunched up so u couldnt actually see anything racy!
went to zacs gig the other week it was actually nice to see him we got on really well and he seemed to have calmed down lots. his set was good he sang a song called u r gay about how people assume boys are gay just because they dont wear football shirts or drink beer or they have long hair it was funny.
cant believe i missed ayanas bday got my dates muddled i do have a lovely present for her so i hope i see her soon. i missed carina rounds gig which made me sad but i was poorly, must get a my ruin ticket for feb and i hear smashing pumpkins are playing too! rasputina come to england for the first time in january and i cannot wait!
must go now love to all xxx
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Nov 7th, 2007 8:29 pm]
well sb was very fun loved seeing all my beutiful dollies had much fun dancing to kate bush and phantom of the opera with errin and doing the timewarp with grahem on the stage. finally got to wear my red heart shaped lolita sunglasses as it was halloween dress up a week too late but nevermind. i had a red heart shaped lollipop too but i forgot to eat it! dunno how the rest of my outfit was lolitaish more jackie o really tiny black and white pinofore (thats suposed to be a top but i wear it as a dress), white tights and red patent tenebrae stilettos!
did my faery photoshoot today i was hours late (don't start me on how!) so could only do one outfit i wore my white ballet skirt with white lace french knickers underneath for modesty but i was topless not in a sleazy way in a nature way. we were very froud influenced crossed with amy brown who designed my tattoo. so i was natural i had butterflies pinned in my hair but no other jewlery and just sparkley glitter and sum dark shadow and black mascara for makeup and i was barefoot (well except for a makeshift frogfoot at one point) nic had made me beautiful wings and i did most of the shoot in different kneeling and crouching on a makeshift toadstool, looking like i was cowering or curious or about to fly off very naturesque. another day we'll do the naughty burlesque corset stripey tights and heels faery. it was weird i just forgot i was topless ive never done topless modelling before but because it was artistic it was fine!
sigh there a boy i like a lot.
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Oct 31st, 2007 10:29 am]
more updates

went the other week with my bjelland to see siouxie sioux at the mean fiddler it was amazing we got to to the front and i swear the woman doesn't look a day over 35! she had her proper 80's big black hair, tight gold costume and goth makeup. it was so different from her dream show at the royal festival hall that was amazing too but i felt much closer to her it was so much more initimate and she's an incredible performer, sang good mix of old and new stuff including hong kong garden and my personal fave nightshift. we then met grahem and shimmyed at popstarz all very good fun and lovely to see my bjelland again.

our housewarming party was a blur of too much speed, running around, green iced faery cakes, spelling things out on the kitchen table in candy letters, chocolate muffins beiing thrown, the banister being broken and sam fixing it by banging it back into place with a wine bottle, ayanas taxi being stolen by simon price, dancing to spice up your life with harry and co, watching grahem do a solo performance of i fell in love a starship trooper while dancing with a broom, spilling ashtrays over the sofa about 4 times, grahem accidently putting his hand in the sick bucket, getting to know new people like the lovely chloe and much more, i do have photos and must finish the film soon. thanx to all who came and to those who couldn't make it drop round for a cup of tea sometime you are most welcome!
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Oct 28th, 2007 9:41 pm]
hello it has been ages since i posted where to start! went to torture garden last night for gabes bitrthday. it was so lovely to see gabe and gemma and great to catch up with alex hanging out with ure english teacher from college at a fetish club was a bit surreal but hes wikid. gah was walking through the crowd and my nipple tassel was wrenched off i had to crawl around the floor under peoples platforms to find it! sum guy of about 40 and fat and horriblr was having his balls wrenched and ass spanked it was like a train crash u cant look away shudder!
i should prob start earlier i've moved to stratford with grahem and a girlcalled amy, we watch dario argento and bette davies films while eating cheap sweets and chainsmoking. our housewarming was ace but im too tired to elaborate tonight i will later.
love to all mwaasss xxx
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Sep 8th, 2007 10:11 am]
hiya i'm still in the process of moving in so it may be a week or so till we install net access so i'll have to check mail in a cafe or something :( so don't be offended if i'm slow to reply to emails to messages, comments, etc. but most of you in the real world know my mob number. love you all.
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